Top Six Items Stolen During Home Burglaries

Top Six Items Stolen During Home Burglaries

Top Six Items Stolen During Home Burglaries 

Many studies have demonstrated that burglars typically spend 60 seconds or less breaking into a home, and complete the burglary within ten minutes. Because they are working within a very short timeframe, burglars tend to focus on specific items that are associated with the highest resale value.

The 2012 study “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective[1],” provides helpful insights into the minds of burglars, and sheds new light on what motivates burglars to commit crimes. According to the study, the six most sought-after possessions during a burglary are[2]:

  1. Cash: because cash is virtually untraceable and easy to exchange for goods, cash has remained the most coveted item for burglars
  1. Electronics: we live in an era where technology reigns supreme, so it should come as no surprise that high-tech products (i.e. tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc.) are among the most popular targets for burglars
  1. Prescription Medications: nearly 50% of the burglars interviewed for the study said that prescription drugs are one of the key items they look for, primarily because of their lucrative resale/street value.
  1. Jewelry: because valuable jewelry is a hot commodity at pawn shops, it is also one the most popular possessions burglars seek out during a robbery
  1. Clothing and Shoes: nearly 20% of burglars reported searching through victims’ closets in search of valuable clothing and shoes to add to their own wardrobe or to resell for cash
  1. Illegal Drugs—illegal drugs influence burglaries in three different ways:

51% of burglars admitted that their need to acquire drugs (or the money to purchase drugs) was one of the primary motivating factors for committing the burglary.

Nearly ¾ of criminals polled in the study admitted being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while burglarizing a home.

Approximately 2/3 of burglars confessed to stealing illegal drugs from their victims’ homes.


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