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Welcome to the 21st Century. Desert Alarm is proud to introduce you to the most advanced and most importantly secured home automation software in the market., as a trusted partner we offer all their services from home control to “who’s at the door?” Stop jumping from app to app just to turn off the lights. Check out how we can simply all your home automation and security needs from one screen.

ADC Doorbell

Adapting to our new world of limited contact has been a challenge. Our doorbell has tremendously assisted with this transition however. With our Doorbell there is no need for your visitors to even touch a button. With the most advanced software in the market this device can be programed to notify you and ring the doorbell the moment it detects a person in the perimeter. Not home? Quickly speak with your guest from the App, you want to allow your guest access? From the same screen unlock the front door. This is just the icing, Call today to get the full in depth walk through of this amazing device.

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