Commercial Security System & Fire Alarm Systems

Your business is your livelihood. It’s built on years of hard work, personal dedication, and your personal commitment to deliver the very best to every customer. So naturally you want to make sure it’s thoroughly protected by the very best commercial security system and service.

How A Desert Alarm Security System Benefits Your Business


Remote Monitoring: Modern security systems offer remote access, enabling business owners to monitor their premises in real-time, even when away, enhancing control and responsiveness.

Access Control: Advanced security systems offer features like access cards or biometric scanners, allowing businesses to manage and restrict entry to specific areas, ensuring only authorized personnel have access.

Better Tracking: Managing employee access through a Desert Alarm security system lets you to know who accesses your property and when it occurred. Protect your business from malicious and careless behavior.


Theft Prevention: A security system deters burglary, theft, and vandalism, safeguarding business assets, inventory, and equipment.

Crime Deterrence: Visible security systems, such as cameras and alarms, act as a deterrent, discouraging potential criminals from targeting the premises.

Unauthorized Access Protection: Replace physical keys that can be lost, stolen, or used by criminals. Say goodbye to managing physical keys and relocking your property by providing per-employee unique access.

Improved Operations

Increased Productivity: A secure environment fosters a sense of safety among employees, reducing distractions and anxiety, thereby potentially boosting productivity and focus.

Insurance Benefits: Having a robust security system in place might lead to reduced insurance premiums for the business, as it mitigates risks associated with theft and damage.

Remote Management: Use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to manage your security system and employee access wherever you are. Businesses with security systems by Desert Alarm have knowledge and control at all times.

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Solving Security Challenges for Local Businesses

Since 1989, local businesses have been relying on Desert Alarm to protect everything they’ve worked so hard for. At Desert Alarm we understand the challenges that today’s businesses are facing. We specialize in customizing a commercial security system that will not only secure your business while you are away, but that will also protect you from loss due to employee theft, workers compensation fraud and more.

Remote Access Security Systems

We take the time to understand your specific needs as a business owner, keeping you connected even when you are miles away. With remote access to your alarm system, allowing you to arm and disarm your system or check to see when your employees have checked in to work, we offer you comprehensive security and oversight solutions at your fingertips. A custom commercial surveillance system from Desert Alarm can give you the added assurance of viewing your operation from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Commercial Security and Fire Alarm Systems | Desert Alarm

The Desert Alarm difference

  • We’re local -> We care!
  • Easy-to-use commercial alarm systems for any size business
  • 24 hr monitoring with armed patrol response
  • Affordable monthly fees

Our Business Security Alarm Systems feature

  • Arm/disarm system from anywhere
  • Check current system status
  • Setup/disable user codes remotely
  • View system and sensor activity
  • Search activity history
  • Customized notification
  • Receive alerts for alarms, power outages and critical conditions
  • Find out when employees arm or disarm the security system or if they forget
  • Create automated schedules to arm/disarm the system at set times each day
  • Patrol services – alarm response and daily property inspections

Get Full Protection For Your Business With Desert Alarm Commercial Fire Solutions

Desert Alarm provides state of the art fire alarm and life-safety system products that protect your business and employees. Businesses of all sizes benefit from advanced fire detection and protection measures provided by Desert Alarm.

Patrol Services

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