Home Automation Stay Connected and In Control of Your Property

Home Automation Stay Connected and In Control of Your Property

Home Automation With the Remote Keypad: Stay Connected and In Control of Your Property Even When You Are Away From Home!

Smartphones and tablets have become the foundational cornerstones of 21st century communication and information. While many apps on these devices are focused on entertainment and social networking, your smartphone and/or tablet can also serve important practical roles, helping to keep your family and property safe and secure while providing you with convenient, practical features such as remote control over your home’s temperature, security cameras, and lighting.


At Desert Alarm, Inc., located in California’s Coachella Valley, we offer a remote keypad feature that mimics the functionality of a security system keypad—enabling you to quickly access and utilize your system from anywhere in the world with just your smartphone or tablet (and other compatible wireless handheld devices). The remote keypad fits seamlessly into your modern lifestyle and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is exactly as it should be, even when you are away.

The benefits and key features of our remote Home Automation packages include the ability to:

  • Bypass a door for unscheduled maintenance or service
  • Simultaneously keep an eye on multiple properties (i.e. vacation homes, franchises, investment properties)
  • Control garage or warehouse doors
  • Monitor and arm your security system
  • Silence and/or disarm your security system
  • Keep abreast of security-related events
  • Remotely turn lights off and on to make your empty home appear occupied, as a disincentive for potential thieves or burglars

We also offer a variety of free apps for your comfort, convenience, and security, including:

  • LIGHTING: enables you to remotely turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off when arming or disarming your security system, and gives you the ability to control your lights from any remote location.
  • THERMOSTATS: automatically adjust your thermostat for optimal comfort and/or energy savings while on-the-go via your smartphone.
  • LOCKS: empowers you with the convenient ability to lock or unlock your doors remotely from your smartphone or PC.
  • SCENES AND SCHEDULES: this feature can help you conserve energy and save money without changing your daily routine! You can customize your schedule to meet your needs—many of our clients choose to have their porch and hallway lights turned on and the thermostat set to the optimal temperature an hour before they leave the office, ensuring that they arrive at a well-lit, comfortable home environment.
  • CEILING FANS: your ceiling fans can be automated to turn on or off at specific times, in conjunction with lighting, or when arming or disarming your security system.
  • CAMERAS: concerned about your children, pets, and property while you are away from home? With this app you can have instant access to cameras in your home via your tablets, PCs, smartphones, touchscreens, or even televisions, and can keep your family safe by screening visitors and monitoring any activity outside (or inside) your home!

Why Choose Desert Alarm?

Desert Alarm, Inc. is a local home alarm company that has provided cutting edge security services for our neighbors here in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Desert) for over 24 years. Our services go far beyond simple home security measures—we want to keep you and your business safe from any and all threats, whether you are at home, on the road, or out of town. We have served over 17,000 local customers, and take pride in giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their family, home, and property are safe and secure.