Cellular GSM / Radio Wireless Alarm

Cellular GSM / Radio Wireless Alarm

Reinforce the Reliability of Your Security System with Cellular GSM / Radio Wireless Alarm

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is widely accepted as the world standard for wireless communications, and it is relied upon by approximately 73% of the national and international digital markets, making it the world’s most commonly used cell phone technology. By integrating GSM technology into their home and corporate security systems, Desert Alarm, Inc. (located in California’s Coachella Valley), has added yet another level of protection for your family, property, and business.

How is GSM technology relevant to home and corporate security systems?

The most crucial feature of any security system is that it functions properly when you need it most. Desert Alarm, Inc.’s GSM backup cellular feature provides an alternative pathway for your alarm signal to connect with our monitoring center if you do not have a land line, or if your telephone lines have been tampered with or cut. If your telephone lines have been compromised, our Cellular GSM unit is the best way to ensure that your signal is safely and securely delivered to our central station. The Cellular GSM unit is frequently utilized by jewelry stores, residential homes without phone lines, and homeowners seeking the ultimate level of protection for their property

Benefits of Desert Alarm Inc.’s Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator:

  • Empowers you with the ability to remotely control your lights, thermostat, and door locks with your PC, tablet, and/or smartphone
  • Delivers instant text notifications when your security system has been turned on or off
  • Allows you to turn your security system off or on from anywhere with your tablet, PC, or smartphone
  • Compatible with any control panel communicating with the contact ID format
  • Provides complete event reporting
  • Utilizes GPRS data channel for reliable, low-cost, high-speed communications to an IP receiving device
  • SIM card is included
  • Sur-Guard system II/III compatible with monitoring station receivers
  • Features advanced programming with web-user interface
  • 4 onboard inputs/4 onboard outputs

Our experienced and knowledgeable security professionals will work in close collaboration with you to address your specific concerns and security needs—we will also inform you as to the basic steps you can take to protect your home and business while minimizing losses. Our advanced Cellular GSM/Radio Wireless Alarm systems have saved our valued clients thousands of dollars in potential losses, and we take provide in delivering cutting-edge security technology with exceptional customer service.

A high quality burglar alarm, installed by a reputable security company like Desert Alarm, Inc. (located in California’s Coachella Valley), can protect your business from a multitude of threats that you may not even be aware of. We have worked with countless homeowners and business owners since 1989, and this vast experience has given us a complete understanding as to the best methods of controlling and minimizing lost revenue while keeping your family, business, and property safe.


Desert Alarm, Inc. is a local home alarm company that has provided advanced security services for our neighbors here in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Desert) for over 24 years. Our services go far beyond simple home security measures—we want to keep your family and your business safe from any and all threats, whether you are at home, on the road, or out of town. We have served over 17,000 local customers, and take pride in giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their family, home, and property are safe and secure.