• Top Six Items Stolen During Home Burglaries

    Top Six Items Stolen During Home Burglaries  Many studies have demonstrated that burglars typically spend 60 seconds or less breaking into a home, and complete the burglary within ten minutes. Because they are working within a very short timeframe, burglars tend to focus on specific items that are associated with the highest resale value....

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  • Keep Your Family Safe From Two Very Real Threats

    Keep Your Family Safe From Two Very Real Threats Properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are perhaps the most important safety devices you can have in your home; however, the importance of these key pieces of equipment is often taken for granted. By providing an essential, audible early warning of a potentially fatal...

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  • Facts About Residential Burglaries

    Startling Facts About Residential Burglaries According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, burglary is defined as “the unlawful entry of a structure to commit felony or theft.” In 2013, there were an estimated 1.9 million burglaries in the US – one burglary every 16.4 seconds. It’s important that all homeowners remain aware...

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  • Wired Vs. Wireless Security Camera Systems For Your Home

    How to choose between Wired Vs. Wireless Security Camera Systems For Your Home Differentiating between wireless and wired security camera systems is a common source of confusion for consumers when choosing a security system for their home. There are pros and cons to both security camera types, and neither is technically ‘better’ than the...

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  • Summer Special – Limited Time 90 Day Commitment Only!

    Summer Special – Limited Time 90 Day Commitment Only!  We have reduced the length of required contract (usually one year) for several of our popular home watch services for a limited time! This is available to our new and existing clients. Contact 760-322-1562 to sign up or upgrade today! With the hot days of Summer...

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  • Cellular GSM / Radio Wireless Alarm

    Reinforce the Reliability of Your Security System with Cellular GSM / Radio Wireless Alarm Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is widely accepted as the world standard for wireless communications, and it is relied upon by approximately 73% of the national and international digital markets, making it the world’s most commonly used cell phone...

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  • Protect Your Business and Minimize Potential Losses With Security Camera Systems

    Protect Your Business and Minimize Potential Losses With State-Of-The-Art Security Camera Systems A high quality burglar alarm, installed by a reputable security company like Desert Alarm, Inc. (located in California’s Coachella Valley), can protect your business from a multitude of threats that you may not even be aware of. Desert Alarm Inc.’s customized security...

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  • Home Automation Stay Connected and In Control of Your Property

    Home Automation With the Remote Keypad: Stay Connected and In Control of Your Property Even When You Are Away From Home! Smartphones and tablets have become the foundational cornerstones of 21st century communication and information. While many apps on these devices are focused on entertainment and social networking, your smartphone and/or tablet can also...

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  • Protect Your Home from Flooding Damage

    PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM FLOODING DAMAGE IN THE COACHELLA VALLEY It is a little known fact that flooding is the most common natural disaster, and that in the past five years, all fifty states have experienced floods or flash floods. The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood damage, yet just a...

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  • Protect Your Home When You Are Away with Our Monitoring Service

    RELAX KNOWING THAT YOUR HOME IS SAFE WHILE YOU ARE VACATIONING According to the Insurance Information Institute, the majority of residential break-ins occur during the primary vacation months of July and August.[1] This statistic is of particular significance for residents living in areas such as Palm Desert, California and the Coachella Valley, where vacationing...

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